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Web serie: Slow Tour in Umbria

Active, food and spiritual tourism in the green heart of Italy

Video list:

  1. Active tourism: horse trekking in Umbria
  2. Rafting on the river Nera in Umbria
  3. Welcome to Todi: the ideal city
  4. On the path of Saint Frencis: Gubbio
  5. St Ubaldo Day: The Candles of Gubbio
  6. On the path of Saint Frencis: the small town of Castelluccio di Norcia
  7. The Lentils of Castelluccio
  8. The truffle of Norcia
  9. Pilgrims in Assisi at the Basilica of St. Francis

In Italy there are many regions boasting worldwide famous jewels – like Capri in Campania or Venice in Veneto -. But the region Umbria is famous for its own whole territory and image. The Saints, the food, the landscapes, the waters… The so called “Green Umbria” is not a commonplace at all. Homeland of Saint Francis (Assisi), Saint Benedict (Norcia) and Saint Clare, it is a place where the landscape changes many times: the mountains, the plain, the lakes, the rivers, the highest waterfall in Italy… a charming countryside ideal for a Slow Tour.

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Italia Slow Tour

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