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Active tourism: horse trekking in Umbria

Active tourism in the Mounts Sibillini National Park, Umbria

Do you like active tourism? Are you an active tourist? We are in the Mounts Sibillini National Park and we are getting ready to go horse trekking through the park.

This part of the region Umbria is amazing and the huge Castelluccio Valley reminds some picture of Tibet and Mongolia, especially in the early morning.

This kind of active touristic trail is really easy to tread, on horses or donkeys. Wanna try?

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Video Full Text: Horse Trekking in Umbria

Here we are at the Colle Le Cese refuge in the Monti Sibillini National Park.
The sunrise is so beautiful.
We’re getting ready to go trekking on horseback through the park.
It’s so cold at 5 in the morning!
The view from the Umbrian side of the Sibillini mountains is amazing.
That over there isn’t a lake which suddenly appeared overnight,
but it’s actually a layer of cloud that’s covering the huge valley.
This part of Umbria, which was unknown to me until now, reminds of Tibet and Mongolia.
It looks like some faraway place in Asia.
He’s Pinto and he’s one of our team of horses.
Half black and half white.
Pinto has a massive rear end, he’s a farm horse.
That one’s Zorro and he carries the heavy weights.
In the middle is Ninetta, and the one down there is Bellezza Nera.
Just going to try them out, their ears are enormous!
So who’s going to keep hold of the mule that’s carrying our food and drink?
But we don’t even know where we’re supposed to be going yet.
Stop! Who’s going to take him? He’s walking sideways!
Zorro is the one with the worst character.
I have the good mule and I will be accompanying young Greta on this trek.
I think I prefer the horse.
Sibillini Mountains! It’s like being on the other side of the world,
… but we’re not, we’re in Italy! Slow Tour!

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