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Pictures of Padua

A sightseeing tour on segway

Sightseeing tour on segway throughout the city centre of Padua. At first, Piazza delle Erbe with its daily market, then Piazza dei Signori with the great Cathedral.

Don’t miss a stop at Pedrocchi Café for a unique cup of Espresso coffee, always full of people. Piazza del Santo, St. Anthony from Padua, the Saint of everyone, from the gypsies to the students!

Padua is an amazing city to visit, slow is better!

Watch the full web serie Padua art & wellness slow tour

Video full text: Pictures of Padua

Now we are going to the most beautiful squares of Padua
They are a lot and all beautiful
Luigi what square is it?
This is Piazza delle Erbe
There is the market every day?
Every day
Everything is amazing
It seems to me an oriental market
It’s plenty of people
You can think it’s absurd but it reminds me the great market of Istanbul
Where are we?
We are in Piazza della Frutta, Fruits Square
Ah there it is piazza della Verdura, Vegetables Square, here we are in Fruits Square
In despite of the shopping centers
Here we have a beautiful shopping center inside the historical center
Yes, there
Where are we going?

Now we’re going to the heart of Padua
Piazza dei Signori
The Cathedral
It is beautiful, a living historical center, nice
It is a city, that I already knew it was beautiful, but discovering it slowly is really satisfying
It’s a coffee express in big cup, with a light cream perfumed with meant and coca dust
Don’t put sugar in it and don’t blend it
You drink it as it is
The Pedrocchi coffee: you cannot put sugar in it, you cannot blend it, you cannot mess with it, you take it as it is
Thanks it’s a very delicacy
But a historical place too
The first Pedrocchi I think he was called Francesco, he started at the end of the 18th century to bring coffee
A weird drink, an upscale drink, a revolutionary drink
Then his son Antonio, at the beginning of 19th century, inaugurates Pedrocchi Café
It becomes a mythical place
It’s a national monument
Here students could come, could drink free water, could sit
In 1848 a student had been wounded
The café is opened 24/24, and then it became larger
It’s a very important work of architecture
It represents the heart of the city
To Pedrocchi!
This one is the tomb of Antenore, the founder of Padua
Antenore, friend of Aeneas
They both came from Troy
According to Virgil
If so, the city founds its roots in the myth
Santa Chiara Channel, from the Torricelle bridge
We arrived at Piazza del Santo
St. Anthony from Padua
I thought he came from Portugal
It dates back to the beginning of 13th century
It’s a saint for everyone
The saint of the gipsy, the saint of the students
He’s the protector of the family, of the lost things
Indeed there is this famous “sequeri” prayer
You recite it when you have lost something
They say with the “sequeri” prayer you can find what you have lost
And for the people from Spain, Argentina, Brasil and others, he is the one who cares about finding husband to young and single ladies
My grandmother had a statue of St. Anthony, when my grandfather was discharged because he had 3 children in war, she came here to thank St. Anthony
And perhaps St. Anthony protects even those who risk to lose their train
Padua station
Slow Tour continues
I get on with my bike, come on!

Veneto The Land of Venice

Produced in cooperation with the Official Tourist Board


Visit Padua: helpful hints

Italian name: Padova


Padua doesn’t have an airport. The nearest airport for international flights is the Venice Airport, but there is a bus leading directly to Padua (rides every hour, 8,5€). For transcontinental flights the nearest airport is the Bologna Airport. From the airport, first you have to reach Bologna Central Station by bus (rides every 15 minutes, it takes 30 minuts, 6€). From Bologna Central Station, both Trenitalia and Italo trains reach Padua in 50 minutes (ticket 10€, more or less).


You can visit Padua on foot or by bus. Single ticket costs 1,3€ and it lasts 75 minutes, more on FBus website.

What to do

Padua is a stunning art city in Veneto region, close to Venice and Verona, in North Eastern Italy. It is famous for several art masterpiece that you simply must visit: start with the Giotto’s Scrovegni Chapel and Saint’s Anthony church. The University of Padua is one of the oldest and most important in Italy and in the whole Europe, here taught none other than Galileo Galilei and you can still visit its original Podium.

For a special break, look for the historic Caffè Pedrocchi and ask for their fine special caffè (a long espresso coffee with fresh mint cream and chocolate powder).

For more tips, watch the whole web serie we made about Padua and if you are fond of SPA tourism (or you just need some relaxing quality time) consider to spend some time on the Colli Euganei area, nearby. Pick one of the several SPA resort and enjoy the Roman baths and muds (try Abano Terme or Montegrotto Terme). From Padua, you can also reach easily many other interesting places, take a look to this itinerary through the amazing Palladian Villas of Veneto.

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