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Mangirò, enogastronomic walk in Monghidoro

July 1st: music, bread & food, wine, nature and amazing people!

Mangirò is an enogastronomic walk that traditionally takes place on the first Sunday of July in Monghidoro (Bologna). This year it will take place on the first of July.

The distinctive feature of the event is the participation of the most famous chefs of Bologna’s (and not only) restaurants, which, together with the best producers of the agro-food sector, offer at every step delicious creations to the participants. The starting point for each chef’s dish is Forno Calzolari’s bread. Everything in Mangirò revolves around the bread, and recently also around wine and small producers of both wheat and wine.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get to know the story of this ancient bread and meet international bakers who will show you the process of bread making and of course let you taste it!

Music, bread & food, wine, nature and amazing people!

What more can you want?



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