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Bologna: FICO Eataly World

The biggest agri-food theme park in the world devoted to Italian Food

FICO Eataly World just opened at the gates of Bologna. It is the biggest agri-food theme park in the world, 100 mila square meters wide, representing the whole Italian food process, from the field to the dish.

FICO in Italian means Fabbrica Italiana Contadina (i.e. Italian farm factory) and it counts more than 150 Italian brands, from North to South, of every kind and size: big players next to small craft men and cooperatives. The park’s goal is to host visitors from all over the world interested in Italian food tradition and represent Italy with its agri-food excellences and biodiversity.

Free entrance, inside you will find 2 hectares of fields and open air barns with 200 between cattles and other animals and 2000 cultivar. 8 covered hectares with 40 firms producing live all the most famous Italian products, more than 45 place where having a taste, choosing among cafés, street food kiosks and luxury restaurants. 9.000 square meters of shops and market, areas devoted to sport, children, reading and services. 6 educational rooms and 6 themed carousels about fire, ground, sea, animals, wine and future. A theatre, a cinema, a convention centre and a foundation with 3 universities.

A place of edutainment where everyday you can attend 50 different lessons and 30 events to discover, learn and taste the wonderful Italian biodiversity, understand our agriculture and the process of food producing.

FICO is 20 minutes far from the main railway station of Bologna, you can reach the park both by car and by bus. Inside the park you can walk, rent a bike and cycle or pick a special wheel train to move from an area to the others. You can shop Italian products and send your goods directly worldwide at the Post office inside the park.

Visit FICO Eataly World official website


Visit Bologna: helpful hints


Bologna has an international and transcontinental airport: Marconi BLQ. A shuttle bus called Aerobus connects easily the airport to the city centre and to the Central Station (rides every 15 minutes, it takes 30 minutes and costs 6€).

Bologna is just in the middle of the Italian system of high speed train lines, so that you can reach Florence in 30 minutes, Milan in 1 hour and Rome in 2 hours by train (check tickets and fares on the two main companies Trenitalia and Italo).  The Central Railway Station is in the city centre, 15 minutes walking from the main square.


The best way to visit Bologna is on foot! The single ticket costs 1,2 € (1,5 if you buy it on the bus) and it last 75 minutes. You can choose different types of ticket – daily etc. – for more information visit Tper website. There is also the option of bike sharing (provided by mobike), that’s 0,30 cent every 30 minutes ride. Find more tips about cycling services in town at the Dynamo – aka Velostazione. Car sharing is provided by two companies: Enjoy – for regular cars and Corrente – for electric cars.

What to do

Bologna is the capital city of Emilia Romagna, Northern Italy. It is really famous for its food (tortellini, mortadella, ragù alla bolognese, tagliatelle, lasagne, anyone?). Here you can find advices for some places where you can eat local food. Don’t miss a tour at FICO, the biggest Italian Food theme park! For more information check on FICO website.

Bologna is the city of arches (i.e. portici), there are 38km of them just in the centre of the city! Here you can find the University of Bologna that is the oldest University in the occidental world. The main monuments in the city centre are the Two Towers, the St Petronio’s church, the Neptune’s fountain and – on the hills – St Lucas sanctuary. Italia Slow Tour users have a special discount on City Red Bus & San Luca Express toursDiscover more about this amazing city.

Special tips: if you consider to take some tours nearby, we recommend the fortress Rocchetta Mattei and the Dozza village with its amazing street art.

Where to sleep

The best place to sleep in Bologna is the city centre or the areas near nearby, to visit all the city easily. In Bologna frequently take place some events and fairs, check the calendar just to be sure to book in advance since the city gets crowded!


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