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Izi Travel, your personal guide!

Put your headphones on and listen to our travel diaries

Do you already know izi.TRAVEL? It is a free storytelling app to discover cities, museums and tourist attractions through great audio guided stories: put your headphones on and wander around listening to your personal guide!

You can find also our itineraries: here is Italia Slow Tour izi-page!

About izi TRAVEL

With more than 1.500 city tours and over 500 museum guides izi.TRAVEL has become the leading storytelling platform. The multilingual app travels with you, showing you all the available tours around you in over 350 destinations around the globe. It’s like having a personal local guide on your smartphone, who tells you about the best places in town and the masterpieces in museums, while helping you discover the real hidden gems.

Single globetrotters, culture lovers, museum visitors, groups of tourists as well as families can easily choose their own way of exploring new places, just by selecting a tour and playing it directly on their smartphone.

izi.TRAVEL allows everybody to enjoy new destination at his own pace, as it contains thousands of stories told by different angles and tailored according to different interests and ages. The free app has been designed to meet the exigencies of every traveller. Thanks to a multilingual interface enriched with a QR code reader, a user rating and review system and integrated maps, every user can easily get the best out of each tour. In addition to that, the app also works offline, allowing users to enjoy a full exploring experience without any additional roaming cost.

But izi.TRAVEL is much more than a portable collection of audio guides, as it enables virtually everybody to share knowledge about places and cultures through an open and free platform. Everyone, from professionals to local experts to regular travellers, can easily create a multimedia tour, combining the audio files with images, videos, texts and even quizzes. The unique added value of the izi.TRAVEL app lays, indeed, in its ability to enrich every journey with powerful stories shared with thousands of people.

Italia Slow Tour

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