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Travel in time: Villa Ficana

A special place in Macerata, made of clay and dreams

by Nadia Stacchiotti

Villa Ficana area of Macerata has been forgotten and ignored for a long time, while the general interest was into a new and wild construction development. In 2000, Macerata municipality chose to revitalize this place, both in its architectural aspects and cultural ones. Villa Ficana got a new life!

I used to live in Macerata while studying at University, I thought I knew quite well this place, but the region Marche surprised me once again. I red an article on Luca Tombesi‘s blog “I Racconti dello Stomaco” about Villa Ficana. As soon as I was in Macerata I looked for it immediately -after a delightful dinner at Porchetteria-.

The atmosphere at Villa Ficana is weird, I had been there in a cold and foggy night and I felt like I was walking in a parallel world. Narrow streets, houses very close to each other with steep staircases, pretty windows, tiny gardens, wooden lamp posts…  All the big buildings from the 60s around gives a surreal atmosphere, just like Cocoon!

Villa Ficata clay walls

Villa Ficata clay walls, by Nadia S.

Urban details

The whole Villa Ficana area is made of unfired clay in the XIX century. There are a few other examples of this ancient building technique in region Marche: Treia and the street connecting Piediripa and Corridonia.

This technique tells the story of the modest country life here in Marche region. The main characteristics of this area are the big size (7000 mq) and 50 buildings survived to modern construction techniques. After urban recovery, Villa Ficana’s rebirth is up to the cultural associations. Many clay houses are not still fixed.

I think that in the next years it shall become a trendy place, a must see of Macerata!

Villa Ficana is located near Viale Indipendenza, from Macerata take the little street on the right, just parallel to the tree lined avenue and it will suddenly appear on the hill.


Nadia Stacchiotti, Racconti di Marche blog

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