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Destinazione Umana: find your inspirational travel

Not where, but who!

In nowadays life we feel the need to go over the normal conception of travelling. We want to find something more. Travelling is not just about visiting places, it is not just experiencing new emotions, it is especially about people, as people are the main fuel for inspiration, people can make the difference.

Destinazione Umana, in Italian, means Human Destination and it answers to a precise question: not where do travellers want to go, but who they want to know. We believe that the current sense of loneliness among people can be transformed in happiness through immersive and relationship-wise experiences.

We address to travellers who are searching for inspiration and change and to hosts who want to tell their story to all those people who share our values, even when they are not travelling.

Destinazione Umana is an innovative tourism project created in 2014 by Silvia Salmeri and Valerio Betti, already co-founders of Vivisostenibile, an association that works to promote rural tourism in Italy.  After only one year, the project has been having an exponential growth, because it meets the real needs of modern tourists: authenticity, exclusivity and originality. Destinazione Umana is now a network that links more than sixty selected hosts all over Italy – bed and breakfasts, farms, holiday houses, campgrounds. Each human destination has a story worth to be known, that inspires change, innovation, rurality or spirituality.

Today our young team is composed by eight people and it has been created a tour operator called Inspirational Travel Company that offers tourism packages which want to lead travellers to find their inspiration. For the first time, tourists and travellers can discover the true Italy, the one made of real people, who are open to share their story, their culture, and who want to open the doors of their houses to inspire positive change in everyday life.

Destinazione Umana / Human Destination

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