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The Medici Villa La Petraia

Exploring the Medici Villas, UNESCO Heritage Sites, by camper

The Medici Villa La Petraia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located just a few steps away from the center of Florence and houses an artistic treasure: the fourteen lunettes by Iustus van Utens, depicting the Medici Villas in their ancient splendor, valuable testimonies to how these buildings looked in the past.

Inside this sumptuous residence, the wedding between Ferdinando I and Cristina di Lorena was celebrated, and for this occasion, the music of the Intermedi della Pellegrina was composed, marking the beginning of a new musical style following the Renaissance.

Even today, La Petraia provides a fascinating backdrop for concerts and performances open to the public. It is a pleasure to stroll through the grand Italian garden, designed with shaded passages and fruit trees in pots easily accessible to the ladies…

Italia Slow Tour

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