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Florence Slow Tour: Palazzo Medici Riccardi

A camper tour of the Medici Villas, UNESCO Heritage Sites

Syusy Blady continues her camper journey among the Medici Villas of Tuscany, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Delving into the hidden meanings of Botticelli’s allegorical paintings, “The Birth of Venus” and “Primavera,” we discover they could represent a round trip voyage to the Americas, known even before Columbus! Did the Medicis already have established routes and trade connections? Such an explanation could indeed account for their immense wealth…

Further clues might be found in the frescoes of the Magi Chapel by Benozzo Gozzoli at Palazzo Medici Riccardi, the former residence of Cosimo the Elder and Lorenzo. Let’s follow Syusy through the heart of Florence to uncover them! It involves parrots, a jaguar, and even Vlad the Impaler (yes, Dracula himself!)

Italia Slow Tour

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