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Bassano: the bridge, the Alpine, the grappa

Do you know what does “tagliatella” mean here?

The old bridge of Bassano is known as the “bridge of the Alpine”, because in 1948 the Alpines rebuilt it after the Second World War.

You know, this bridge has been damaged, destroyed, a lot of times but it has always been rebuilt the same way, according to the original plan of Palladio.

But Bassano is famous also for its local grappa, do you know what does a “tagliatella” mean here? It is a peculiar way to drink grappa, blended with some other liquors, try on!

Video full text: Bassano

This is the Brenta river and this is the bike trail that goes to Trento
You can go by bike or of course on foot
However I would like to go there, look what it is
On the bridge of Bassano, we will hold our hand, and a kiss of love, and a kiss of love, and a kiss of love
I know why this is not a manly and martial song
You sang that song
To remind us that we are on the bridge of Bassano
You did name the bridge
Once it was called “old bridge” now it is called “bridge of the Alpine”
Is there a historical reason?
In 1948 it had been rebuilt by the Alpine
Ah, not because you passed over it with your general, but because you have rebuilt it
I see
The Alpine have rebuilt it and there hence the name
What is shocking about this bridge is that is the most Japanese of all Italian monuments
The Japanese built their monuments with wood and always the same way
This bridge has been damaged, destroyed, a lot of times
It has been always rebuilt the same way, according to the plan of Palladio
It should be 1566 but I’m not sure
We will check later
It is a symbol, an architecture masterpiece
It is a historical museum of Bassano
The Alpine are bond to their unit, to the bridge, to the hat
But also to grappa
You have this prejudice
My worries about offend the alcoholic honor of the Alpine is totally unfounded
They say wine does evil, they are all ordinary people, and I drank it so much, and it didn’t hurt me, and water does evil and wine makes me sing
It is not very pedagogical for the child, but fortunately he cannot understand us
This is the famous tagliatella
In Emilia Romagna is a different thing with the same name
It has its own story
Let’s talk about tagliatella, because when I was young I did meet it before
When I was 20, I came here, I didn’t know what was tagliatella
I tasted it, it was really tasty, and I don’t recall if it was for the cold
I drank it maybe too much
And I felt happy for several hours
In the evening none of our products was thrown away
As you can see we have our old copper jars
Each jar has its own tap with its dripping pan
The dripping pan is the drip
Exactly, every time this dripping pan was full, they put it in a demijohn
And obviously since every jar contained a different product
You can see that every dripping pan was joined
So they were a lot of products mixed together
The composition changed every night
Still today we have the same composition
So we have at the base grappa
All the liquor products and brandy too
Our tagliatella was born, then it was sweetened by Marasca liquor to go the extra mile
Now I see why I like it so much
First of all: it is an “Accidental Liquor”
it represents the poor cookery
In other words with the remnant they did their product of best success
Who asked for it was the raft man, who brought rafts along the Brenta river
And the carter used to stop over the bridge for a quick drink
It asked for something not very alcoholic, not strong as grappa is
This one is 35° degrees
Nothing in confront of ours that have 50° degrees
50° degrees? You must excuse me, I’m not used to it
And this one already was sweet and not too alcoholic
And this grappa gave courage and strength to keep working
And to continue our travel, even if now it is slow, very slow


Produced in cooperation with the Official Tourist Board
Regione Veneto

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