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Free flight at Borso del Grappa

The biggest free flight centre in Europe where people can fly more than 300 days per year

Borso del Grappa is famous worldwide for free flight and it is the biggest free flight centre in Europe. Here people can fly more than 300 days per year, attracting to 40.000 tourists.

But what it feels like to be up there? Flight always means freedom, strong emotions but also tension, because it can be hard.

You have to wait for the right weather conditions and check every detail carefully. You could cover 200 km in a single flight sometimes, catching the right wind.


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Video full text: Borso del Grappa

It’s a vision, where am I?
What are they doing?
Here, Borso del Grappa is really famous for free flight
We’re are at 8000 meters, where are we?
Well not at 8000 meters but we’re in the clouds
Still there are many pilots ready to go
We’re very confident the weather will change
So exactly where am I?
Here there is the biggest free flight center of Europe
Borso del Grappa is famous because, except today, here you can always fly
We can fly more than 300 days per year
So every pilot of Europe, but also from Japan, from all places in the world
They come here because they know here they can always fly
I want to ask you something even if I feel ashamed of saying it
What it feels like to be up there, without any noise?
Flight always means freedom
Strong emotions but also tension
To fly is not that simple like it seems when you watch it
There is a lot of work behind
Some have left Borso and have reached Slovenia by flight
There are many difficult flights of 200, 250 km
Using currents of hot air that permit you to fly
The flight can be hard
It is also a touristic attraction because people all over the world come here
Yes they come from all over the world
Even the Japanese
2-3 years ago they discovered this place and now they organize trips of 30, 40, 50 pilots
They come from all Europe
It is a touristic resource for the village
I’m talking about 30-40.000 tourists per year in Borso
Borso now is important

That man is waiting since this morning
That man has a considerable perseverance, it must be German
He said that now it is impossible to fly, the weather doesn’t permit it
But he want to fly
And he will wait until he will do it
Like planes lined up
I go after him

I tried guys
I was ready, but it is impossible
I still have to say: here you can see amazing things, if you fly in the right days
I had bad luck
This is the destiny of the tourist


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Produced in cooperation with the Official Tourist Board

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