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Sled dog & dog trekking in Cansiglio

Enjoy some green and active tourism

Sled dog racing on the Cansiglio plateau is an amazing experience in winter, but also in summer!

Some years ago Mario received a Husky puppy and they fell in love at first sight. A few dogs later, there were ten of them! One day Mario decided to try to tie them to a sled. He has involved also his teenager son in this task and soon they have started to enjoy sledding also in summer!

Now, thanks to the favorable weather conditions, people come to Pian Osteria to compete in international sled dog racing. The Cansiglio plateau has turned into a sort of branch of Alaska.

As for summer? There are two possibilities. The first one is: you tie your belt to the dog and you will find that going for a walk will be a pleasure for both you and the dog! The dog will pull so much that walking uphill won’t be exhausting for you at all! Otherwise you use special handmade carts: Mario has made different wheeled sleds with handle bars and brake, which can be pulled by 6 or 8 dogs! And “hike!”


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