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On top of the Duomo of Milano

As slow as my grandpa can go!

I love Milano, and I love her tiny courtyards and corners where nobody will ever find you, neither disturb you; nevertheless, most of all, I love the marvelous and gigantic masterpiece located in the very heart of the city; I love the Duomo.

On the second morning of my short vacation, I woke up still too early cause of the jet lag but the sun and the blue sky immediately put me in the right mood to go back on top of Milan roof (once upon a time the tallest). How to enjoy it, if not slowly? How to walk slower then choosing as a trip companion your own grandpa?

So I got my mom and my grandpa involved and we took a short ride to reach the main piazza. We chose the elevator to access the first level on top of the sides of the church for obvious reasons. After a few pictures and a few minutes spent getting used to the height and the amazing view, nobody could have stopped us from climbing those last steps keeping us from reaching the top of the central navata.

Each step was a better view that we conquered and we were so willing to reach the top (and get the rest we deserved), as much as afraid of reaching it too fast. We wanted to be sure that we were getting every breeze, every corner of each view. Every step was as important as the last one we would climb. The magnitude and the power of this jewel on your emotions is impressive, even when you climbed it several times already and I could read in my grandpa’s eyes that it is going to be the same for the next times to come.

Grampa on the top of Duomo

Grandpa on the top of Duomo

I am sure that the sun of that morning and the vibrations of the history and the lives entrapped in the white marble -so hard to keep polished and so much admired all around the world- were certainly making everything perfect.

We stopped to touch, we stopped to look, we stopped to shoot; we stopped to simply stop and let it last a bit longer.


Tommaso Zanella

an Italian living abroad

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