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The Castle of Compiano

A journey through the beauties of Emilia

Wandering around Emilia’s gardens and historical heritage to be discovered, admired and photographed. Lingering to enjoy the beauty, the perfumes of flowers and plants and the colours of the leaves in this season.

It was a sunny Sunday when we decided to go for a ride on our Harley Davidson with the aim to discover some of the glorious beauties Emilia can offer. We chose the Castle of Compiano and its park. A flourishing garden that reflects the harmony between humankind and historical treasures, an art form with a simple beauty that fills us with joy.

The garden and the Castle of Compiano are the places we visited and enchanted us with their elegance and charm. They appeared to us like a world in miniature that follows its own rules. In the past the park and castle fascinated writers, poets, artists and illustrious figures. With the sky above our heads, we stopped along the route to admire the mirror of an authentic landscape: the hills around the Province of Parma.

A new wonder was about to be unveiled: an ancient fortress with its elegance and charm that tells of past times, of brave knights and ladies with sumptuous clothes. The Castle of Compiano welcomed us in all its splendor within its walls made of old bricks. The manor is located in the small village of Compiano just a few kilometers from the city of Parma. The castle dominates the awesome scenario with its towers and its four-sided shape.

A charming place that we reached on two wheels to enjoy the face caressed by the cool breeze and the scent of the fall that went with us on our journey. We suggest you to visit the Castle of Compiano and enter into the several rooms to catch the essence of this fortress. It has also become a charming facility, ready to welcome guests from around the world. The restaurant of the castle can offer the traditional menu of Emilia: fried bread with Parma raw ham, Parmisan Cheese and a glass of Lambrusco, the sparkling red wine of the territory.

There is nothing better than spending a day traveling through time, savoring what tradition can offer.


Francesca Cuoghi

Travel blog Ciao Emilia

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