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The pit cheese of Sogliano

What are these pits precisely? How is this cheese made?

Saint Catherine’s day in Sogliano, Romagna, is a special day: it is the day they officially open up the pits to get the famous pit cheese of Sogliano! But what are they precisely? And how is the cheese of the pit made?

Discovering Sogliano and its Piazza Matteotti. Here is an unusual fountain: it was conceived, thought out and designed by Tonino Guerra in 1990, based on a recurring thought he would have whilst imprisoned in a concentration camp. He would see butterflies in flight and would imagine himself being carried along with them back to his native Romagna, on a flying carpet.

The butterfly
Contented, I’ve been really contented, many times in life
but most of all when they liberated me in Germany
and I set to looking at a butterfly, without the desire to eat it.

(Tonino Guerra)


Cover pic courtesy of Turismo Emilia Romagna

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