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‘Ristorante Italia’ never closes

2018 will be the year of Italian Food. Get a taste of Italian flavour!

The Italian Ministry of culture and tourism every year focuses on a theme to promote Italian excellences worldwide: 2016 was the year of walking paths, 2017 the year of borghi (i.e. historical hamlets), 2018 will be the year of Italian Food! Yummi! We are looking forward, won’t you?

The food – aka the local gastronomy – is just the last step of a long chain, starting from the land, shaping the landscape, influencing the places, telling a story and determining everyone’s life quality. In Italy ‘food’ means know how, beautiful views, great taste. The storytelling of food goes along with the one of art and describes better than else the history of Italian local communities, people, places, traditions.

What about Italia Slow Tour: in every part of Italy, in all seasons and every means available, in popular and religious festivals, we learned about and tasted local traditional products! One thing is certain: “Ristorante Italia” never closes and never disappoints you! Discovering Italian wine and food traditions is always worth the trip.

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Italia Slow Tour

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