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One day discovering Dozza, open air museum

A Medieval village near Bologna, known for its precious street art

Italy is a country full of wonderful places, important art cities and Medieval villages looking like a fairytale scenario. In these days I have been busy wandering throughout my region – Emilia Romagna – and nearby, finding places to tell and landscapes to capture with my trusty camera.

In an Autumn Saturday, I stumbled across a Medieval village in the outskirt of Bologna, known for its precious street art: Dozza. This small town – listed in the most beautiful historical villages of Italy – has been hosting the so called Biennale del Muro Dipinto (i.e. biannual exhibit of painted walls) since 1960. The event takes place every September on odd years, when a lot of artists both from Italy and worldwide come here to Dozza and paint the external walls of local buildings, shops and restaurants with colorful murales. Thanks to this interesting art initiative, the town looks like a charming open air museum, that can be visited anytime and for free, of course!

When in Dozza, I took a walk through the two main streets where you can find many buildings mostly soft painted, liven up with some meaningful murales: some tells everyday life, farming or grape harvesting, while others show some simple and funny images, as the big eared giant welcoming visitors to the historical centre.

I roamed through Dozza alleys for a couple of hours, totally fascinated by such a great beauty in such a tiny village, which counts more or less 1000 inhabitants. The street art works are the main characters, making this place be visited by dozen of Italian and foreign tourists everyday, stunned by those paintings which are fully-fledged an important part of the city view.

Take a look to my pics, I hope to catch your attention and make you to visit this wonderful historical village located just a few km from Imola.

The Angel of Dozza is the symbol of the town. Painted by the artist Giuliana Bonazza, it represents some kind of genie in a bottle, tender looking, that hugs the front door and watches at people entering, protecting the home and the whole village:

The Angel, Dozza street art

The Angel, Dozza street art

Valentina Grossi

Travelling with Valentina

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