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Molise: get an holiday in exchange of books!

Welcome to Macchiagodena, headquarter of “Borghi della Lettura” network

“Genius Loci, bring me a book and I’ll give you my soul”. The project offers a free holiday in one of the tourist facilities of Macchiagodena – a small town in Molise near Isernia – to all those who decide to come bringing a book with them.

The mayor Felice Ciccone announced this unique initiative himself: the aim is to give the tourists the opportunity to spend a few days of free vacation in the area, if they come carrying a book. The book, usually chosen to go on vacation, turns into the protagonist. Every visitor has to explain why he/she chose that book and why did he/she accept the invitation from Macchiagodena village.

The village name “Macchiagodena” first appeared in some 9th century A.D. documents, as “Maccia de Godina”. It used to be a garrison post between the lombard countdoms Isernia and Boiano, later on a sighting post along the Pescasseroli-Candela tratturo (i.e. shepherds’ track). A great number of feudal lords came one after the other, but the most important were the Pandone and Mormile.

Macchiagodena village has always been connected to reading and culture. Another recent initiative is dedicated to the anniversary of Dante Alighieri’s death – The Divine Comedy in 100 villages – and it aims to discover charming villages and landscapes. The whole current year is known as Anno Dantesco (i.e. Dante’s year) and everywhere in Italy many events will be set to celebrate Dante’s life and works.

macchiagodena castle
Macchiagodena castle

Macchiagodena is also the national headquarter of “Borghi della Lettura” network, that includes 14 regions and 60 towns. The castle of Macchiagodena, showing a polygonal plant, was built on a spur of limestone, near the village church. Near the entrance, you find the reading terrace, a magical place for book-lovers, offering a great point of view. And among the benches where stopping for some reading, there are some dedicated to Dante!

Roberto Colella

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Borghi della lettura” (i.e. reading villages) is a network counting more than 50 Italian historical villages engaged in the promotion of literature and reading, enhancing the places through cultural events to book and stories lovers.

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