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Do you like Pesto?

A yummy tour tasting some typical products from Liguria

Italia Slow Tour at Cinque Terre National Park, having a taste of all the typical products from Liguria.

The pièce de résistance of the area is sea bass ravioli with Palmaria mussel sauce, but there is also spaghetti “alla Giuseppe”, guarnished with red pepper puree, prawns, anchovy pie, grilled squids… difficult choice! The quality is in the ingredients, all coming from the territory: rosemary, potatoes, basil…

We also meet a great expert on Pesto sauce, who prepares and sells fresh Pesto everyday, for 49 years! In her shop you can also taste other local delicacies, included the famous Panettone, the Italian Christmas treat that people use to eat all year round here: the true Genoese Panettone is made with raisins, pine kernels, butter, crushed oil, sugar and flour, but no candied fruits.

Happy ending at the Antica Osteria Carugio: a fuming dish of Mescciüa! A soup of spelt, beans and chickpeas, to be eaten with a dash of oil and a sprinkling of pepper.

yummy Liguria!


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Cover pic courtesy of Flickr User Pelican

Italia Slow Tour

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