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Cinque Terre: Monesteroli

An unbelievable hidden spot

The first rule to access the Marine Protected Area of Cinque Terre National Park is the anchoring ban: the anchorage here could furrow the seabed, doing irreversible damages! Try the mooring buoys spread everywhere as an alternative.

The Marine Park of Cinque Terre is divided into three zones: the “A zone” is small, only 5% of the total, it is a total reserve where you can’t access by boat. The “B zone” is a buffer zone, where professional fishing is forbidden, but you can sail through it at a moderate speed. The “C zone” is big, covering about 4,000 hectares, where both fishing and sailing are allowed and regulated. However, ships or boats longer than 24 metres cannot go in anywhere.

Discover the spontaneous village of Monesteroli, some kind of Patagonia inside the Cinque Terre National Park, so remote that isn’t even on the maps! It is on a high top and visitors have to climb up a path of over 1500 steps. An itinerary highly unsuitable for tourists suffering from dizziness! But once you get to the top the panorama is breathtaking. It is unbelievable that there still exist hidden spots like Monesteroli, even right in the middle of one of the most frequented tourist places in Italy…


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