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Levanto, surfing paradise

You can surf in the whole bay, all year round

Name the most famous places in the world for surfing: Australia, Indonesia, California… Cinque Terre! Wait, what?

Levanto is one of the world’s surfing paradises, where you can surf in the whole bay, all year round. Levanto seems to be always crowded with sportsmen from Austria, Switzerland and the north of Italy who come to try out these waves, especially in Winter.

When the sea is rough the danger level is high, with waves up to 4 metres… a challenge for professionals to be faced only if you are well trained! With nothing to envy other famous big wave destinations, for instance Puerto Escondido.

The possibility of surfing in Italy and making surf a popular sport played at the level of football or volleyball is not only pure imagination: we would have everything necessary and a concrete possibility of development!

Meanwhile let’s have some surfing class on the shore


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Italia Slow Tour

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