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Taste the wines of Cinque Terre

Vermentino combines with Ligurian food while the Sciacchetrà encourages… meditation!

Visit the Public Wine Shop of Lunigiana and Liguria, in Castelnuovo Magra (La Spezia), to taste the wines of Cinque Terre.

Vermentino is the king of the area, produced more than all the others both to the west and to the east, Pigato is primarily made to the west, while the terraces recall the legendary Sciacchetrà, an extraordinary passito, on to Cinque Terre wine, a good white.

As regards pairings, the white wines are ideal with fish and all the typical Ligurian products (vegetables, vegetable pies, mussels, pesto …). Instead Sciacchetrà is a so-called meditation wine, produced in small quantities, it goes well with desserts and herbal cheeses.

In the Gulf of La Spezia few wines are produced, but there are some very good ones. The whole system is based on small wine producers that sell directly to restaurants in the area.

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Visit Enoteca Regionale della Liguria official website

Italia Slow Tour

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