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Exploring all the landscapes of Veneto

A new issue of Gate Magazine is out, issue number 35, your travel companion in the airports of Rome! In the spotlight, in the “Italy Slow Tour” section, Patrizio Roversi gives us a glimpse of the landscapes of Veneto, taken from the latest season of Slow Tour Padano still airing on Italian TV, channel RETE4.

In this issue, exclusive interviews with Elodie and Tommaso Paradiso, features on fashion and wearable technology, and insights into upcoming travel trends. We discover previews of tourism in 2024, with “roots tourism” as the next trend. And then mountains, tropical beaches, paradise islands: the enchantment of Mauritius, an unforgettable New Year’s in Antigua and Barbuda, a special feature on yoga-themed holidays in Italy, and winter vacations. A couple of features dedicated to Rome on the Testaccio District and Villa Torlonia.

Gate Magazine issue number 35 is available for free in the airports of Rome in print. For those who prefer the digital version, it’s also online at this link.

Italia Slow Tour

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