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Taste Monterosso anchovies

A group of girls working hard to preserve an old tradition

Italia Slow Tour at Levanto, La Spezia, in Italian region Liguria. Patrizio visists a cooperative called The park girls, working for Cinque Terre National Park since 2002 and managing the offices of Monterosso Park.

In 2006, this all female working group was given the management of the Levanto fish salting centre. Thanks to them the millennial tradition of anchovy salting at Monterosso has been kept going. It involves very intense processing in the three days after fishing. It is an hard hand work, done fish by fish.

Patrizio assists with interest at all the steps of manipulation, from the arrival of the anchovies down to the final packing, and he cannot end his visit without tasting the delicate but at once strong taste of this typical product of Cinque Terre.

Have you ever tasted Monterosso’s anchovies?


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Italia Slow Tour

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