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Visit Rome by segway

Discover new itineraries! Funny and easy to drive

In the past, exhausted tourists could decide to visit Rome in a chariot. Nowadays tourists use the segway! Have you ever seen a segway?

It is a strange vehicle, some kind of chariot looking like an electrical scooter, with no horses! It is a platform where people stand, with wheels and handlebars. It is equipped with cardiac-electronic sensors that make the vehicle moving as the wheels were a part of you. I mean, simply moving your body, balancing, you can decide direction and velocity. Sometimes I had the doubt to be driving only by my thought! I am unable to do any sport and I am very cold about technology, but I am a super driver of segway! Marco, my Rome by Segway guide, taught me the basics and let me practice in the garden of their offices in Via Ostiglia… I felt like a mutant!

Good news, people can rent a segway and go visiting Rome: maximum entertainment with minimum effort. Of course, you need a guide to teach you the appropriate ways, but you will need just a little practising. You can follow may different itineraries. Our itinerary stopped at Celio, Clivio di Scauro, Circo Massimo, Aventino, Monte Savello and Campidoglio. On the website you can find many other itineraries.

Technology goes over this modern chariot: while moving, every tourist carries an iPod to watch a video with some explanations of the monuments passing by. Just like an audio guide, but with video. There are also 4 wheels segway for people with motor difficulties.

Rent a segway is not so cheap, it may cost 80 euros a day, but it includes many other services, like baby sitting for people going on segway without children. Thank to this new vehicle and thanks to our guide Marco, we visited new places that we had never seen before in Rome like the wonderful Roseto di Colle Oppio. It was a Jewish cemetery and its map represents a seven-branched candelabra. It can be visited only in the month of May, but from this place the view on Rome is totally amazing!



Patrizio Roversi

Accidental tourist. His main passions while traveling: anthropology, economy, lifestyle, food and taste

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