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Venice and the phenomenology of Spritz

What is your favourite? Learn the differences

It’s easy to say Spritz!

When in Venice, be prepared to choose unhesitatingly the Spritz you prefer.

At first, it was the Ombra (i.e. “the shadow”), a simple glass of wine, then the Austro-Hungarians began to lengthen it with some selz (in German the act is called “spritzen”, hence Spritz), that is white Spritz, simple, adding just an olive.

Then the recipe got 50% of white wine, 33% of sparkling water or selz, 17% of a liqueur of your choice between Select (the most traditional in Venice), Campari (stronger), Aperol (sweeter) and the Cynar.

All of that, always togheter with some “cicchetti” (i.e. small dressed bruschetta).

Now you can’t go wrong.

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