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Tuscany: Maremma, relaxing experience

Strolling between wide green spaces and Tuscan historical villages

The Maremma is an important area of Tuscany, a perfect microcosm that extends between the provinces of Livorno and Grosseto. The main feature of the area is its surprising variety: crystal clear sea, long beaches or inaccessible rocks, mountains covered with thick woods, lake and flat areas, green cultivated hills and natural thermal areas. A timeless area, with its roots in ancient civilizations. Here the Etruscans first and later the Romans have prospered for centuries.

But that is not just culture and landscape, the Maremma is an area full of typical products to taste with a good glass of wine. Sea, hills and mountains blend perfectly in the typical dishes of this area such as “acquacotta”.

You can divide the Maremma into the Alta Maremma (upper or northern Maremma), and Bassa Maremma (lower or southern Maremma). The Alta Maremma exteds from Grosseto northwards to Cecina River just south of Livorno while the lower Maremma extends along the Albegna and Ombrone rivers down the coast to the Argentario and beyond. The Alta or Upper Maremma is characterized by many charming hilltop villages (Pitigliano, Roccastrada, Roccatederighi, Sassofortino, Monte Massi, Massa Marittima, Cinigiano, Campagnatico, Pari), reminding to the ones in the area of Siena.

Welcome to Pari, reading village

Pari is one of the most beautiful medieval villages in the area. The panoramic terrace at the top of the village is an attraction not to be missed; the view over the valley and the surrounding hills really takes your breath away. Pari is a reading village thanks to the Seven Hills Association’s work, brought to the national news’ attention for the ‘Open Shutters’ initiative and the ‘Center for Studies and Research of Pari: New Learning‘ founded by the famous philosopher and physicist David Peat.


The narrow streets of the upper part are all in stone, a cured rock that perfectly matches with the finely restored wooden doors. Different small libraries and lecterns are located in the historic center. At this time, after coronavirus issues, there is nothing better than immerse yourself in nature, at the Vignali farm! Here you find miles of unpaved roads, perfect for MTB. Ideal both for newbies, families, and expert bikers. Leave noise and car pollution behind to enjoy a day of birdsong and quiet walking along several paths through fields, woods, vineyards, and olive groves. Choose an easy route or a challenging walk on the hills and dales, between miles of unpaved roads.

Vignali Farm
Vignali Farm

In the nearby

In the nearby of Pari, visit the Petriolo thermal springs, deep in the nature between Val di Merse and the Maremma. The natural landscape offers many opportunities for long excursions, hikes and visits to natural oases, as the Nature Reserve of Basso Merse. The thermal springs of Bagni di Petriolo gush at a temperature of 43°C along a stretch of the Farma river. A special characteristic is the presence of hydrogen sulphide: this water is rich in salts and hyperthermic, with many therapeutic properties. The Bagni di Petriolo complex has therapeutic thermal pools and a modern Wellness Center.

Thermal spring of Bagni di Petriolo
Thermal spring of Bagni di Petriolo

Very close, explore the amazing wealth of the Val di Merse region. The legendary Abbey of San Galgano, a few kilometers from the baths, and the historic centers of Monticiano, Murlo and Civitella Paganico, where you can find many historic and artistic gems of huge importance. In the Bassa Maremma, visit the town of Grosseto. Sadly, the heavy bombings during World War II destroyed many of its ancient buildings. However, the 16th century walls and some ramparts managed to survive. Grosseto is considered the capital of the Maremma!


Roberto Colella

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Borghi della lettura” (i.e. reading villages) is a network counting more than 50 Italian historical villages engaged in the promotion of literature and reading, enhancing the places through cultural events to book and stories lovers.

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