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The Freedom Trail

60 km historical trekking on Majella mountain

The Freedom Trail is a 3 day hiking trek on the trails through Majella Mountain, 60 km long. Each year about 700 people join the Freedom Trail, mostly students in the last year of high school. In 2015 The Freedom Trail will take place from April 30th to May 3rd. Everyone can join the group by registering before March 15th (here is the registration form).

During Second World War this Trail was the escape hatch of thousands of allied prisoners and young Italians. Italy was divided from the Gustav Line after the armistice of September 8th 1943, when the region Abruzzo became the borderland for the refugees who stood in line with the Allied Army.

The cultural association “The Freedom Trail” is from Sulmona, seat at Fermi high school, and collaborates with other local and English associations to organize this trek since 2001. The association aims to promote cultural and environmental activities, to encourage social participation and civil engagement of all the citizens.

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  1. welcometosulmona

    Thanks for the thumbs up! Sulmona is not only home to great activities but also hosts a majestic history, from Ovid to the freedom trail. Come and visit!

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