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The fascination of Sibillini Mountains

Come for a walk in the land of Leopardi

by Nadia Stacchiotti

There are some special places that can make you feel in peace, giving back the sense of time and space. Like Sibillini Mountains, in region Marche. You can see the Mountains even from the coast, during the winter just the peaks, in summer it is so clear you feel you could touch them!

Walking nearer, the Mountains welcome you home as if they had always waited for you, no matter if you are native of Marche region or not. This is the place that you have always been looking for. Such a breathtaking wild place, that you will wonder why you have not discovered it before: the nature and the hills that gently lead to the see. You can see the sea from the main Marche’s mountain, Mount Conero.

Learning the history of Sibillini Mountains, you will discover that these mountains have been seducing the world for centuries. They seduced the poet Giacomo Leopardi, who used to look at the blue mountains from his hometown Recanati, dreaming about a different life; the French Antoine de la Sale, who wandered on these mountains looking for the myth of the Sybil; Guerrino of “Il Guerin Meschino” came here to find his origins… But the celebrity of Sibillini Mountains goes even further back in time: according to the legend, Ponzio Pilato’s dead body was pulled by cows on the Vettore and thrown in the glacial lakes. Nowadays they are called the “Lakes of Pilato”.

Sibillini Mountains view, by Nadia Stacchiotti, Racconti di Marche blog

Sibillini Mountains view, by Nadia Stacchiotti, Racconti di Marche blog

The Sybil use to have her cave on these Mountains, which took her name. The myth of the Sybil still keeps its appeal, it is a mystery still waiting to be revealed. Although there is no access street, since the Romans Era a lot of people wandered on these mountains looking for a necromancer… This echo continues still today.

The Sibillini Mountains nowadays have become some kind of adoptive house for English, Australian and Israelian people, and at the same time for Italian people from Milan, Bergamo and Alto-Adige, who simply have chosen to live here and let other people discover the magic of these places. Mixing their welcome with the local one, gave birth to the amazing association Sibillini Segreti e Sapori, a true example of good net. They are a team who loves these places madly, you can see it in their eyes. Come and listen to their stories about the reason why they moved here in Amandola, Smerillo or Monte San Martino, changing their life completely.

This genuine passion created the blog tour #sibillinisegreti, this is the first report of this amazing adventure.


Nadia Stacchiotti, Racconti di Marche blog

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