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My school of chocolate in Perugia

The one I learnt how to deal with chocolate at the Perugina Factory

If you ask people about b, many will say that its typical product is… chocolate! Obviously the cacao plants are cultivated in different places, far from Italy and from Umbria region… But the chocolate production is a local tradition anyway. Traditions are close to marketing and even a Factory can become a turistic site! I refer to Perugina Chocolate Museum, where I had some kind of psychic-culinary experience: I took part in a course for chocolate home-chefs.

Chocolate has always been a mysterious thing, coming from far places, from the age of Maya civilization. Chocolate is also considered an antidepressant, that can cause addiction. It is said to be an aphrodisiac substance too. Cooking chocolate is a little touching: as soon as you take part to an intensive (and really caloric!) course to learn how to prepare your own chocolate, you will realize you will have to act like an alchemist.

Chocolate needs to be exposed over and over to different temperatures to become shiny and crunchy: first you have to warm it up to melt it, then you have to cool it down by pouring it on a marble surface. Third step: when the chocolate gets a specific temperature, it is poured in the moulds and cooled down again in the fridge.

Pouring chocolate is like handling something alive, spreading it with the palette knife is really delightful and finally licking your fingers is a foregone conclusion. When you pick off your chocolates from the moulds, you can taste the result of your professional work. The chef congratulates and gives you a licence of “chocolate home chef”. You will realize to have learnt an art, and you will be able to offer delicacies to your friends. You feel some kind of initiate

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