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The Original History Walks®

Be Original, come to the Original History Walks

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I Viaggi di TELS and  The Original History Walks®

I Viaggi di TELS was founded by Maria Rosa Gatti and Elena Giacomotti, two dyed-in-the-wool lovers of Pavia and its territory, two curious travellers with a talent for dreaming up new ways of travelling that take your straight to the heart of places. Since 2012 the creativity, the passion and originality of I Viaggi di TELS initiatives has been wedded with ‘tourism 3.0’ to create Me in Italy, a platform for sharing our passion for a territory that has never been contaminated by mass tourism.

Through Me in Italy, every journey becomes food for the mind and soul and, with a simple click or two, experiences can be made to measure. Beauty, art, music, creativity, tradition, good food, good wine, pilgrimage, sport, nature… the Province of Pavia offers visitors so much, and Me in Italy is the best way to discover it all, through the welcoming dedication of our imaginative staff and its colourful family of friends and collaborators.

Last but not least, I Viaggi di TELS has long believed in the magic of storytelling and, in collaboration with its ‘twin’, the Cultural Association The World of TELS, has brought fresh shine to the ancient and noble profession of the storyteller, and at the same time given rise to a new way of exploring cities: The Original History Walks®, city walks through time, history and stories in the company of a storyteller who, through the magic of words, is ables to convey the magic of places and their protagonists both in the past and today. The Original History Walks®: far more than just a guided tour!