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Read here a brand new Gate Magazine’s issue (November 2022, nr. 24), Rome’s airports bilingual free press, available in digital. Italia Slow Tour’s column proposes an article by Betty and Giancarlo about eco-tourism on the mountains: a zero emission trip to Trentino by electric car and e-bikes.

The travel articles are first about the Caribbean, Antigua and Barbuda, paradisiacal islands with 365 beaches to choose from. Then a guide to the best Family Hotels in the Alps: while parents relax, children play sports and have fun under the gaze of an experienced team. An article about the events in Rome, Milan and Turin, five best cafes in Rome, the Vatican Gardens in autumn and the exhibition about Richard Avedon in Milan, a New York photographer who died in 2004.

Interviews with Italian actors Stefania Sandrelli and Raoul Bova. Some travel beauty insights about hay baths and oil-based products. Useful tips to photograph the foliage and how to improve the ability to concentrate.

Get your copy of Gate Magazine at Rome’s airports or read it on line.

Italia Slow Tour

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