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Betania Travel & Leonardo da Vinci

Find and customize your very own itinerary in Italy!

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Betania Travel is the perfect TO – slash – travel agency – slash – organizer tour for your next holiday in Italy: they conceive the tours as unique experiences, listening to your wishes and giving mostly tips and ideas… to make you find your very own itinerary!

We are glad to announce that they conceived also some special itineraries following the path of Italia Slow Tour web series! The first one is the itinerary in Milan inspired by Leonardo da Vinci.  Did you like our videos and were you wondering how to live the very same experience? Betania Travel planned it all for you!

Good news: Italia Slow Tour users have a special 5% discount! Login, get your promo code and book on Betania website. Keep reading to get some inspirations.

Betania Travel

Betania Travel & Leonardo da Vinci!

The year 2019 marks the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci‘s death and the whole year will be dedicated to the Master both in Italy and abroad – follow #Leonardo500 to be updated -. For this occasion, Betania Travel realized a full package of tour proposals on the tracks of the Genius in Lombardy, to unveil his many abilities, discoveries and inventions that this eclectic personality has dealt with.

Last Supper, Leonardo da Vinci

Last Supper, Leonardo da Vinci

Following Leonardo in Lombardy

From April the 25th to May the 4th 2019

A 10 days journey in Lombardy, the Italian region where the Master has realized much of his works. Every day will be focused on one of the many disciplines the Renaissance Genius has worked about, from Science to Engineering, from Architecture to Painting… even Gastronomy! Leonardo’s works have literally shaped the Lombard landscape (which is the background of many of his most famous paintings), and some of his inventions are still functioning today. We’ll start from the Navigli, reach Lake Como and finish our journey in Milan, where we’ll celebrate together the Universal Genius.

For more details:

Watch Italiaslowtour web serie on the steps of Leonardo to get a glance

About Betania Travel

BETANIA is a Social Cooperative o.n.l.u.s. (a non-profit organization of social utility), founded in Monza in 2001. BETANIA is an entity active in the field of tourism and directly involved in the promotion of cooperative tourism and culture. BETANIA Travel is a Tour Operator, Travel Agency and Tour Organizer.

What does Tourism mean to us?

Our agenda in Tourism is based on firm principles:

  • Sustainability – In our proposals, we safeguard and valorize the territory, taking care to the hosting community to avoid it feels “invaded” by the tourist.
  • Community – We believe communities are the main actors of the territory and, whenever it is possible, we include in our proposals meaningful experiences that involve the local administration and the social fabric.
  • Hospitality for everybody – Inclusiveness, accessibility, and valorization of the differences. Our tourism want to foster the largest fruition possible to the most of the people.
  • Experience – People, places, traditions and encounters. The tourist, as temporary resident, must know, meet, “chew” experiences
  • Sociability – We don’t give answer but inspire questions.


BETANIA Travel suggests destinations and itineraries and leaves to the interaction with the tourist the final composition of the trip, tailoring a unique, original and personalized experience. As the interaction between the tourist and hosting community is important to Betania, so it is relationship between the tourist and the travel agency, in order to create its own tailor-made.

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