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A walk in Bolzano (Bozen)

A one day tour in Bolzano from the main square to the shopping street

Bolzano: sunny afternoon. The weekend of my group of friends in the mountains of Alto Adige / Südtirol begins from here. It ‘s always a pleasure to return in this city that is revealed to us as soon as we live the train station. It’s as if Bolzano wants to receive us with open arms and to inaugurate our trip with a warm welcome…

The first greeting is to Piazza Walther dedicated to von der Vogelweide (German poet who lived between 1170 and 1230) that looks at us from the top of the pedestal on which it is placed his statue, carved in the local marble in 1889. The square is very large. All around nice cafes with terrace much frequented by tourists. In one corner (a wonderful corner!) gigantic and beautiful, the Duomo. When playing his bells, it’s as if it wanted to attract attention, as if it would not show enough! The Duomo is the cathedral of diocese of Bolzano-Bressanone and bell tower soars to 65 meters, going to end with a perforated sandstone spire.

Already outside are many things to see. Among the curiosities on the northern side, the door, beautifully decorated, known as “of the Bride” because came through it all the girls who were going to marry. But it is also known as Porta del Vino, because here was granted, according to an ancient privilege, indeed the sale of the nectar of Bacchus. In the churchyard south, there is a beautiful monument to Peter Mayr, hero and martyr of the rebellion against French rule, in 1810.


Courtesy Azienda Soggiorno e Turismo

The monuments and places to see (or see again) are many, but we have very little time, so we decide to do just a quick lap in the heart of the city. And we take Via dei Portici to move towards Piazza delle Erbe. But first, let’s take a look at the colored shop windows under the arcades. Along with the boutiques of the most famous brands and popular, there are many really characteristic shops. Particularly noteworthy are the bakeries: they expose baked goods, both sweet and savory, as if they were artifacts of high jewelery. A short walk from here is Goethe Street, with the hotel “The Sun”, in which he stayed, among others, himself: Johann Wolfgang Goethe. “I came to Bolzano with a nice cheerful sun”, he writes about his trip, in 1786. And then he goes on to describe the market in Piazza delle Erbe, situated here close, at the end of the road. The stalls exhibit especially fruits. Even here, the products are artfully arranged. A feast of color for the view.Only the time for a few shots and then we must return to the station and take the train to Brunico…


Nicoletta Speltra


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