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Verona, the city of love

No matter what, Verona is first of all the city of Romeo and Juliet!

Follow a tourist in Verona (no matter if Italian, Japanese or Russian) and notice where does he go first:  for sure he will guide you to Juliet’s House. There are many important monuments in Verona, but the most visited is the less historical one: an house said to be the one of Juliet, from Romeo & Juliet. I mean, the house is authentic, built in the 13th-14th century and restored in the ’30s. It is even a fascinating building, except for the famous balcony, that looks like some kind of sarcophagus hung on a window. But the question is: is this the authentic Juliet’s house? The story about the tragic and controversial love between Romeo and Juliet dates back to the Greek literature, later it had been developed by Matteo Baldello in the 16th century and in the end it has been consecrated to worldwide literature by William Shakespeare.
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From then on, Verona is nothing but the city of love. Even if the historical background is not so sure, the phenomenon is indeed well established: every day thousands of people look for the house, take a lucky picture while touching Juliet statue’s breast and visit the inside, with some forniture and the stage costumes used in Zeffirelli’s movie of 1968. The most interesting thing is that everyday people from all over the world send letters to Juliet talking with her about their love stories. Giulio Tamassia is the president of Juliet Club, where a group of girls reply to all these letters on behalf of Juliet! The result is a correspondence network that deals about love in all the worldwide languages. It is unbelievable how the imaginary and virtual character of Juliet can still touch off real feelings and relationship. A personified legend.
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Regione Veneto

Visit Verona: helpful hints


For international flights there is the Verona Airport, connected to the city centre by bus (rides every 20 minutes, 6€, it takes 15 minutes). The nearest airport for transcontinental flights is Bologna Airport. From the airport, first you have to reach Bologna Central Station by bus (rides every 15 minutes, it takes 30 minuts, 6€).  Then either Trenitalia and Italo trains reach Verona in 50 minutes, prices change according to class and services.


Walking is the best way to visit Verona. Anyway you can move by bus, a single ticket costs 1,3€ and it lasts 90 minutes. For more information check the ATV website

What to do

Verona, the city of love, is in the North Eastern Italy and it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Known wordlwide to be the city of Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, here you can visit Juliet’s House with the iconic balcony (“O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?” – that one). But Verona is famous even more for the Arena di Verona, that is basically the greatest Opera theatre in the world! Check the official website of the Arena for the shows calendar, don’t miss the opportunity to attend a concert sit on this Roman masterpiece (Summer only, of course. No roof, above is only sky, you know). Watch Italia Slow Tour web serie about the city of love.

Last, but not least, Verona is also near the lake Garda, the largest lake in Italy (it takes 30 minutes to Peschiera del Garda or Lazise, 4o minutes to Bardolino, by car).

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