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Tocatì! Wanna play?

Come to Verona for the street games fair by the 18th of September

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Tocatì, the International Fair of street games, takes place in Verona, from 18th to 21st of September. The leading theme is Mexico, are you ready to experience colours, dances and music from Central America?

The fair proposes 40 different traditional games from both the host country, Mexico, and from Italian regions. There will be a lot of passionate gamers, ready to share ancient playful gestures and ready to tell their habits and history. The traditional game is part of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Some examples of traditional Mexican games: Pelota P’urépecha (throwing a fireball with 2 mt long mallets, according to the custom of the Indians P’urépecha), Juego de Corozo (a game where you hit a ball with a long curved leaf of Corozo palm), Pelota Mixteca de Hule (a sort of baseball with a glove leather that weighs about 6 kg), Trompo (the colorful and unpredictable Mexican spinning top), Pitarra (a board game) and many more. Including three millennial pre-Columbian ball games: Ulama de mazo (launching the ball with a hammer), Ulama de antebrazo (launching the ball with your forearm) and the surprising Ulama de Cadera (launching the ball with your hips, no hands or arms).

There are also 20 Italian traditional games, board games and urban games (like Parkour, Street Boulder or the Slackline). What’s more? Concerts, exhibitions, meetings and conferences, play laboratories for children, food

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