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Thank God Sicily does exist!

Sicily is a great place for cycling holiday

In my mind Sicily is an exotic place because I went there for the first time as a child, during my very first journey with my parents. I remember I was astonished for the huge contrast with my homeland in the north of Italy: nature, climate, tastes and smells, everything was so different. By plane Sicily is just one hour and half far from my place and I feel good about it. In a little while I can reach such a fascinating region, where winter is not so hard.

Sicily maintains the Arabic and Norman aesthetic, cultural and historical influences. In the 17th century, the French cooks Monsù mixed their cuisine with the local one, obtaining a great result: Sicilian cuisine is both tasty and light, thanks to the great local natural ingredients. Thank God Sicily does exist!

I’ve seen most of Sicily, but it is never enough. I visited Palermo and the area of Agrigento whether for land and sea, then Trapani, Egadi islands, San Vito lo Capo, Cefalù, Enna. Then the Sicilian east side, that runs from Messina to Capo Passero. Some locals I met, let me see the amazing baroque features of Ragusa Ibla. I’ve also discovered the typical cheese of Ragusa and the chocolate of Modica, cooked the way the Native Americans did.

I must confess. I also acted the common tourist and I went on a tour looking for the set of the famous Italian book and TV series “Il Commissario Montalbano”: Montalbano’s house in the imagined village of Vigata. I would always come back there.

What about bike tourism?

Let’s do some ecotourism by bike! I love cycling holidays and Sicily is a perfect place to travel by bike. This land always leaves me open mouthed. Both for admiration and surprise about natural views and historical architecture, and for local cuisine! The mastery of Sicily in its cooking tradition and the taste of local products are peerless, as I said before.

Sometimes I open my mouth to shout against the aesthetic and environmental pollution of my beautiful Sicily: buildings growing everywhere, sheds, greenhouses built without skills, bleak suburbs… These kind of issues are spread almost all over Italy, but the decay of Sicily makes much more angry. These criticisms are more significant if you travel by bike: a slow tour makes you enjoy the beauty of the landscape, but it makes you notice all the ugly aspects at the same time.


Credits pics

Ragusa Ibla (main pic): Isabella, Flickr user LaPetra

Palermo: Dimitry B., Flickr user Ru_Boff

Agrigento: Alain Muller, Flickr user Alain Muller

Cefalù: Andrea Ciambra, Flickr user Tchacky

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