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Primavera Slow in the park of Delta del Po

14 weeks of events from 19th March to 26th June

Thanks to the important recognition of Delta del Po as International Reserve of Biosphere MAB UNESCO in June 2015, the area of Delta del Po between Veneto and Emilia Romagna for the first time it will be the only protagonist of the edition of Primavera Slow 2016: initiatives, projects and events for the discovery of Delta in each shade discovering landscapes, scents, sounds and colors.

From 19th March to 26th June, nature lovers can run across a rich program of events and initiatives, both for children and grown ups: excursions by feet, by bike, by boat, riding horses, workshops, guided tours, sportive events and much more.

A land to discover: from Rosolina to Goro, from Mesola to Comacchio, from Ravenna to Cervia, from the shore of the hinterland towards Valli di Argenta, Oasi di Bando, Vallette di Ostellato, until the area of Bassa Romagna.

There will be also something for fans of birdwatching, who will be able to observe and take pictures of lots of species of the area, and gourmands will have the occasion of tasting typical products. Numerous workshops are scheduled, both for children and guys that will get them closer to the fauna of Delta in a fun and educational way.

Framing all this, there will be other special events starting from the weekend of “Pasqua Slow”(from 25th to 28th March), that will allow you to spend a wonderful Easter all about slow tourism in the nature.

Primavera Slow poster

Primavera Slow poster

The main event of Primavera Slow will be the 8th edition of the International Fair of Birdwatching and Naturalistic Tourism in Comacchio, from 29th April to 1st May. Three days entirely dedicated to the varied world of birdwatching from the naturalist photography with exhibitions, photographic workshops, educational workshops and excursions. Moreover, there is also a challenge birdwatching/photography to do in couple!

There are many Slow hiking opportunities from the northern areas of the park in Veneto to Cervia, on the southern border.
Some examples: “Bike & boat along the Po of Goro”, a bike ride on the bank of the river Po which ends with a boat trip to the mouth of the river.
Going down you can move to Mesola with a visit in the Woods “On the Deer Tracks”, without forgetting to cross the Bay of Goro with a trip by boat to discover the Foce.
Then you can get to Comacchio for a scenic bike path in the saline to see the beautiful pink flamingos, and still get to Ravenna to see the archaeological site of Classe and the surroundings, and perhaps end the day with a stroll along the Salina of Cervia on the sunset.


The full program of events is available on the website

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