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Patrizio Roversi EXPO Milan Ambassador!

Our Patrizio Roversi is one of the Expo Milano 2015 Ambassadors:

Sustainability, environment and food production “it is clear that all three are related, there is not one without the other”. As for the theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”: “Finally we can draw conclusions, because all the issues dealt with previously lie within this theme. Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life covers all the balances and relates to the primary theme, that is nutrition, agriculture, land. I think it is an incredible opportunity in terms of content. Milan could really become the link between the city and the countryside, between technology, agriculture and land. Expo must clearly be global, in the sense that it is a general point of view, which must consider and involve many points of view, from all areas of the Globe. In a remarkable Expo a single vision should not prevail, but rather an exchange of many different visions

Expo Milano 2015 Ambassadors. An international network of opinion leaders ready to express the principles linked to the main Theme of the Universal Exposition: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.

A network that will be enriched with new faces day after day, right from the start of the Event.

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