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The National Day of Forgotten Railways

A day to evaluate the ‘disused’ railways in Italy

The Co.Mo.Do. is a cooperation about the soft mobility. It creates programs about the soft and environmental-friendly mobility in Italy and what better time than 2019 which is the slow tourism year.

The Co.Mo.Do. during the soft mobility month has the purpose of evaluating and promote the environmental-friendly tourism, finding paths of railway lines viable by bike, on horse or on foot. So they thought to organize a week discovering this disused lines. It is a unique opportunity to evaluate some abandoned and little-known places that are part of whole Italy and that keeps it together. This railway lines cover a 6.000 kilometers surface and a large part of these can be renovated and evaluated with the creation of cycle and walking paths. Some of these lines have already been evaluated such as the Spoleto-Norcia line, the Trabocchi Coast and the Assoro-Leonforte and Porto San Giorgio-Fermo-Amandola lines.

The 3rd of March will be the National Day of Forgotten Railways, it will be a day in which the Co.Mo.Do. will try to let people understand how much the Italian landscape can give. Their purpose is to reach as many people as possible, especially young people and children, to empower them and involve them in this very important topic.

During the soft mobility month a dozen of events will be organized in all the Italian regions and everyone will be able to take part in them. For example will be organized an informative meeting about the Bernina express and about the food and drinks of Valtellina, various cycle paths in Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany and many walking paths through the Tuscany villages.

On the Co.Mo.Do. website there is a continuously update calendar and even a form in which the organizers can propose some events in their region.

Manifesto Co.Mo.Do. 2019

Manifesto Co.Mo.Do. 2019

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