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Friuli Venezia Giulia: pleasure of the Carso

Hikes on the Carso around Trieste and Gorizia, all year round

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Nature, culture and gastronomy trails among cliffs, hills, seascapes, woods and farmland.

Walking trails suitable for all ages and all fitness levels.

Duration: approx. 4 hours (or more)

Possibility of tasting local wine and food at typical eateries

With the guides of Curiosi di natura

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Trieste, between the Carso and the sea

A cultural and commercial centre and a port city. Known as the “Little Vienna by the Sea”, the city is rich in culture and history, spanning from Ancient Rome to Austro-Hungarian to contemporary history. Trieste is surrounded by a rich and varied natural environment: it faces the sea, just behind it, the Carso plateau stands out rising abruptly over 300 metres above sea level. A short tram or bus ride is all it takes to go from the city centre to the quiet of the Carso woods, with their evocative atmospheres and views.

Carso Griza

Carso Griza

A territory rich in biodiversity and historical sites, from prehistory to Roman times to the world wars. From spectacular cliffs overlooking the sea to rocky valleys, from vineyards and olive groves to woods with caves, sinkholes and rocky outcrops sculpted by the rain.

The Carso offers pleasant walks all year round.

Pleasure of the Carso

It proposes charming easy-to-reach trails, some accessible by public transport, to be tackled by people of all ages and fitness levels. Guided tours in Italian, English, German, Slovenian. With the possibility of visiting local farms and tasting local food and wine at typical eateries.

Val Rosandra

Val Rosandra

Some available itineraries

The sage walk – Holm oak woods, rocks imaginatively sculpted by the rain, fragrant sage and savoury shrubs, and spectacular views of the sea. On this flat itinerary along a forest road, the views span from Istria to Trieste and as far as the Grado lagoon.

The rilke trail – This scenic clifftop walk takes you through the Mediterranean vegetation in the Nature Reserve of the Duino Cliffs. Fascinating for its conspicuous karstic phenomena. Dedicated to the poet Rainer Maria Rilke, who drew inspiration to write his “Duino Elegies” from these places.

The river Timavo and th Cernizza forest – From the holm oak woods to the grassy fields with brightly coloured smokebushes, to the karstic springs of the river Timavo, which emerges after 45 km of underground course.

A stroll among vineyards and dolinas – Among rural landscapes, rocks carved by the rain, caves and fascinating karstic phenomena. A flat and panoramic trail between Samatorza and Prepotto, in the wine-producing area, among the vineyards grown on the “red soil” of the Carso.

The natural reserve of Val Rosandra – Just a few kilometres from Trieste, a charming valley rich in history and biodiversity, with a stream that flows between steep rocks and a 30-metre waterfall.

The great chasm of Orlek – Up to the plateau, as far the spectacular dolina of Orlek, 100 metres deep and surrounded by sheer rock face. Declared a “natural monument” by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature).

The WWI Park in Monfalcone – Through pine woods and grassy fields, among the remains of trenches and war memorials commemorating the casualties on both sides of the conflict. A nature trail, where to get a glimpse of what life was like in the trenches.

Mount Brestovec – Through the woods, up to the trenches and fortified galleries that cross the mountain and house an evocative permanent exhibition. From the mountain top, far-reaching views across the whole plateau.

Curiosi di Natura



A cooperative of professionals working in the field of responsible tourism and environmental outreach, since 2001. It organises slow-paced excursions, and initiatives to promote ecological culture.

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Curiosi di natura – coop. co.
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