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The Wine Road of Chianti Rùfina and Pomino

Good wine, nature, culture and history in this tour in Tuscany!

The Wine Road of Chianti Rùfina and Pomino was officially opened in May 1997 and it is the first one in Italy authorized by law. In fact Tuscany is the only Italian region that adopted a regulatory instrument to control wine tourism. This law defines the wine routes as paths “characterized by naturalistic, cultural and historical attractions, in addition to vineyards and wineries open to everyone.” In other words, a wine route can be a whole territory. Artworks, handicrafts, wildlife, local food and wine: the wine route encompasses all these elements. I have always lived near this places and it was lovely to discover them.

You should know that the Wine Road of Chianti Rùfina and Pomino includes 5 districts of Florence: Pontassieve, Rùfina, Pelago, Londa and Dicomano. It doesn’t matter if you do not have much time, the Wine Road is very close to Florence. There are many Romanesque parish churches, towers, castles…you can choose the path that you prefer!

amazing view of Pontassieve

amazing view of Pontassieve

15 companies make up the Road. Along the road you can come across medieval castles with underground cellars, ancient forts converted over the centuries into country residences and sumptuous villas overlooking the surrounding hills. This route is splendid, it tells you the story of the families who lived there.

You can spend here as much time as you want or just one day, as I did, visiting parish churches, wine farms, castles and villas. And speaking of villas, in the middle of the road there is the beautiful Villa of Poggio Reale, recently restored. The structure of the villa is the work of Michelangelo and it became the seat of the Vine and Wine Museum, the Chianti Rùfina Consortium, the wine house and the information center of the road. Everything is really interesting and fascinating…of course, with a glass of good wine in your hand it is even better!

Villa di Poggio Reale

Villa di Poggio Reale

Main pic courtesy of Bonnie Ann Cain-Wood (Flickr user @bonnieann1815)

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