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Sannio Experience Tour

A wine tourism itinerary in the Benevento area

We at Italia Slow Tour also participate in the Sannio Experience Tour, an itinerary organized by the Consortium for the Preservation of Sannio Wines in these mid-July days to introduce the territory of Sannio (Southern Italy, Campania region) and its cultural resources to slow travelers and aspiring wine tourists! The itinerary includes professional tastings, guided tours of the historical heritage, seminars on the Sannio wine production chain, and entertainment.

During the journey, participants will have the opportunity to visit charming places such as the Magical Path of the Witches in Benevento, the historic wineries of Sant’Agata de’ Goti, and the Strega Alberti Company Museum. They will engage in a variety of experiences, from a river trekking adventure in the Forre di Lavello to a cooking class featuring Pietraroja pasta, rating and tasting of wine vintages like Falanghina del Sannio and Aglianico del Taburno.

Michela is the ambassador for Italia Slow Tour this time, a passionate photographer from Milan. Curious and dynamic, she declares herself not particularly social (but will make an exception to share these tour days on our channels). She is married and has a daughter. Michela loves art, landscapes, history, and cultures. She enjoys alternative and itinerant travels. After completing a course in cultural goods management, she worked at a contemporary art fair and now works as a gastronomic tour leader. She is the right person to appreciate both the enotouristic and naturalistic-cultural aspects of this journey.

A few things you may not know about the territory of Sannio: it is a region distinguished by its viticultural vocation, with 10,000 hectares of vineyards and over 7,900 active entrepreneurs in the sector. With three different PDO designations and one IGP that encompass more than 60 types of wine, Sannio is a reference point in the Campania wine industry. Viticulture represents not only an important source of income but also a distinctive element for the territory, contributing to environmental preservation.

The Sannio Experience Tour offers a unique opportunity to explore Sannio, discover its food and wine culture, and appreciate the commitment of local winemakers through tastings, guided tours, and gastronomic experiences. We invite you to replicate this experience with all the tips and notes from Michela, who will write her own reportage of the experience!

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