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Pila: March on the snow?!

Springtime lights up your passion in a snow flurry

Warm and sunny, wanna bet? Skying in march is double fun, but half the cost. Days are longer and budget offers are skyfalling like winter snow – but in springtime.

Welcome to Pila, Aosta Valley, where spring is in the air, with 70 km of downhill slopes and exciting vacation packages, just 17 km away and above from downtown Aosta: we’re getting ready for the final rush. From now on, through Easter reaching the mid of April, we offer several combinations that will allow you to speed downhill saving money in this beautiful Valdostan location, in the shade –oops– in the sun of the nicest 4000m mountains in the Alps.

The snow in Pila, the main basin facing north, is quality guaranteed till deep spring. The area altitude is another important factor for snow quality: the town of Gressan is 1800m high and that allows that even lower situated slopes – school fields in the Gorraz and Grimod areas – remain snowy.
Not to mention “upper floors”, where Platta del Grevon soares with its 2752m.

In this season it’s easier to sky on black tracks even for those who usually prefer easier tracks: warm weather, sun, the hard consistency of the snow will allow to experience the thrill…

Everybody on skys, lighthearted, without raging on the wallet.

March on the snow, in Pila!

March on the snow, in Pila!

Here’s a few exemples:

From March 21 to 28 FIRST DAY IS FREE

All adds up: the package offers a 7 nights stay in hotel or in affiliated structures with a 6 free days skypass included. Prices starting from £359 for person with HB formula


Easter is near, but it’s still schooltime: skying lessons at a superprice, all inclusive. The package consists
of 7 nights in hotel and a 6 day skypass with lessons 2 hours a day, from monday to friday in a collective course. Prices starting from£ 573 for person with the HB formula

Happy ending: from april 5 to april 12 FREE SKYING

Call ’em sales, if you prefer, but it’s still full emotion. Season ends with a snow flurry: you’ll be paying only for 7 nights in hotel and you’ll have 6 free skypass days: feel free to roam around the area and take advantage of season’s last curves on the snow. Prices starting from £457 for person in HB formula.

Hotels, Chambre d’hotes, bed and breakfast and flats: there are many structures in Pila that joined the initiative. Offers can be personalized to include various activities in the package: dining in gourmand baitas on tracks, snowshoes, miniclub for kids, equipment rent, personalized sky courses, besides what is already included in the packages.



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