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Biodegradable and compostable ecological tableware for your travels and family travels

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The new frontier of catering is the ecological tableware in wheat bran! Meet Bonfitaly, the Italian exclusivist of Biotrem disposable products. That is plates, boxes and cutlery made of food wheat bran. Bite them to believe! Biodegradable, compostable and edible, they can also be used in the oven, classic or microwave, withstanding cooking temperatures of 180°C.

That is a great ecological turning point for catering, but also an innovation that should interest everyone to replace disposable plastic for example while travelling by camper or boat or when you throw a party or a picnic. Enough disposable plastic, let’s move on to wheat bran, that can also be eaten!

Bonfitaly grants to all the Italia Slow Tour readers a special 10% discount on their products, click their e-commerce. Get the sale code and choose the formats suiting you best. When you use those tableware on your travels or gatherings, please share some photos on social networks tagging #bonfitaly and #italiaslowtour

About the products

Bonfitaly’s headquarters is in Riccione: from Romagna Riviera, a land of innovation and wit entrepreneurship, it sends a message and an invitation to all chefs, cooks, beach restaurateurs, canteen managers, local administrations or ordinary citizens (for family dinners and outdoor picnics): introducing disposable crockery and cutlery, to reduce significantly the amount of waste, harmful both to us and the environment (see disposable plastic). We need to change our mind, taking all together a small step towards reducing “bad waste”, to deliver a less polluted and less dirty world to the future inhabitants of the planet.

Bonfitaly Team

The products sold by Bonfitaly have been conceived by a certified Polish company, Biotrem.

Biotrem is a technology company founded in 2012 and managed by Małgorzata Then and Jerzy Wysocki, that developed an innovative and patent-protected process for the production of these biodegradable disposable tableware and packaging, based on sustainable plant origin raw materials. Using the agri-food industry by-products, mainly wheat bran, but also corn bran, cassava by-products, algae and other raw materials.

Biotrem biodegradable dishes are suitable for serving hot and cold meals, both solid and liquid. They have been successfully tested and obtained safety certificates related to contact with food, safety in composting and the possibility of use in ovens or microwave ovens.