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Let’s dance at the Barezzi Night!

Music, theatre and tastes in the province of Parma

by Silvia Palmarini

Just a week ago the 9th edition of the Barezzi festival started. It is an event that brings together music, theatre and tastes.

Poster of the Barezzi Night

Poster of the Barezzi Night

Barezzi Night- Tonight we Tanqueray is the event you cannot miss if you love the province of Parma and its wonderful theatres. In fact you have the chance to rediscover these theatres in a completely different way. We are talking about contemporary music, rock, world music and electronic music concerts that will take place at the Magnani Theatre in Fidenza, at the Verdi Theatre in Busseto, at the Lenz Theatre and in the deconsecrated San Ludovico church in Parma.

The aim of the Barezzi Night is to attract people who have never entered a theatre. And there is more: new cocktails, made specifically for this occasion. The main ingredient is the Tanqueray No. TEN gin, well-known for its delicious lime, orange and grapefruit taste.

In this area, music, theatre and alcoholic drinks have always been connected. Indeed the festival is named after a little-known alcoholic beverage producer, Antonio Barezzi, who lived in Busseto in the 19th century. Thanks to this very production, Antonio could support his son-in-law who was going to study music in Milan. His name was Giuseppe Verdi!

When and who?

When is the next Barezzi Night and who are the protagonists?

The famous organist Joey De Francesco and his funky-jazz trio have already performed at the Verdi Theatre on 22 March.

The next concerts will be on 3 and 18 April at the Lenz Theatre in Parma. The artists performing will be, respectively, Edda and Demartino. During the concerts, in the creativity workshop rooms you will find video- art installations by Maria Federica Maestri and Francesco Pititto.

To follow, the American duo Tuck&Patti will perform at the Magnani Theatre in Fidenza on 7 May.

On 31 May, Ed Motta, the inventor of the Brasilian soul music, will entertain the audience of the Verdi Thetare in Busseto.

Finally, the Austrian musician Fennesz will end the festival in the deconsecrated San Ludovico church in Parma on 19 June.

For further information visit the official website, or click here for the tickets.


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