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Your Mobile WiFi Hotspot in Italy!

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WiTourist provides you a prepaid mobile data connection to the Internet anywhere and anytime in Italy. Why should you go wandering for a free WiFi to check a Map, look for a restaurant nearby or Skype home? Just be your own hotspot!

Italia Slow Tour users get a special discount on booking fee: 10 € instead of 12/15 €.  Login and get your code! 

About WiTourist

WiTourist mobile hotspots let you stay connected anywhere via WiFi in Italy by your smartphones, tablets, pcs, in the simplest way and at the most affordable rates! No more international data roaming fees, and billing surprises! No more time and money wasted “trying” to buy a portable hotspot and a local data plan in Italy to use only some days! No more fixed WiFi access to use exclusively into your hotel, often for higher amounts! No more “hopeful ongoing search” for local WiFi hotspots, often not working, countinuosly requiring a registration, unsecure!

A “born for purpose” portable WiFi hotspot with a really professional 3G/4G data plan will let all your family or group to:

  • browse the Internet everywhere, countinously, exactly when you need it
  • be always online with all your VoIP, email, and social accounts, to communicate with your family, friends, or for business
  • be guided towards any address or attraction, even using public transport in the best way
  • translate any conversation immediately, like if you have an interpreter always with you
  • know everything about a piece of art or a monument, also simply by framing it
  • find a good restaurant, or the most interesting thinks to do, near your position…

and much more!

Take a look at our Booking online section to get a quote with a few clicks, in order to receive and return a WiTourist hotspot at your accomodation (hotel, apartment, B&B) or at one of more than 1100 TNT Points in Italy or at the major Airports and Ports in Italy!

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