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Terre di Dante

Grand Tour through art and history on Dante Alighieri’s footsteps

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Have you ever heard about mr Dante Alighieri? Of course you have! Come to his lands in the North of Italy, the so called Terre di Dante, and be ready for your Grand Tour through Art and History in his footsteps, 7 centuries after!

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Contacts:,  +39 320 4603033

More on Terre di Dante

It is a brand headed by MEC Società Cooperativa based in Ravenna, owner of Terre di Dante Tour & Travel Tour operator. Specialized in cultural tourism in a wider context of north and central Italy, from Florence to Ravenna – crossing the Apennines between Tuscany and Romagna – retraces the exile of the Poet, highlighting locations and characters narrated in his works.

Terre di Dante has an agreement with Società Dante Alighieri (a no-profit organization of the Italian State) and Paesaggio Culturale Italiano which established 19 Parks dedicated to great authors of the Italian literature.

Terre di Dante tours are an opportunity to become better acquainted with the authentic character of the territories.

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