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Ravenna: Discovering the Garden of Eden

From September 7th to 10th on Dante Alighieri’s steps

From September 7th to 10th join this tour organized by “Terre di Dante” group on the steps of the major Italian poet of the Late Middle Ages: Dante Alighieri, the one of the Divine Comedy! Come to Ravenna’s pinewood where Dante got his main inspiration for conceiving the garden of Eden in its great poem.

Some of the highlights of this trail: Ravenna’s pinewood, the costal dune on the Adriatic coast, the old abbey of St Apollinare with its famous mosaics 1500 years old, the old Roban harbour, the Bizantyne architectures. Enjoy the places that inspired Dante Alighieri in his writing.

Here is the lines when Dante comes to the garden of Eden and enter inside the divine forest:

“Vago già di cercar dentro e dintorno
la divina foresta spessa e viva,
ch’a li occhi temperava il novo giorno,

sanza più aspettar lasciai la riva,
prendendo la campagna lento lento
su per lo suol che d’ogne parte auliva.” 

Purgatorio, Canto XXVIII (vv. 1- 6)

(Translation: Eager already to search in and round / The heavenly forest, dense and living-green, /Which tempered to the eyes the new-born day, / Withouten more delay I left the bank, / Taking the level country slowly, slowly / Over the soil that everywhere breathes fragrance.)

Botticelli, Nastagio degli Onesti (Prado, Madrid)

Botticelli, Nastagio degli Onesti (Prado, Madrid)

Dante got inside the garden of Eden alone, without his guide Virgilio. He feels peaceful entering this forest and he thinks about something he already knows: the pinewood where he used to go walking in the area of Classe near Ravenna, together with a pile of singing birds along.

Ask for more details, costs and booking to “Terre di Dante”: by e-mail at or call +39 320 4603033 / +39 340 2610838.

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